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5 Common Ingredients Used in Indo-Chinese Cuisine

August 24, 2018

5 Common Ingredients Used in Indo-Chinese Cuisine

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If you were asked to name five things that had a huge role in making you the person you are today, would you be able to do so without thinking twice?

Okay, okay, this is not another philosophical, self-help article.

But just like most human beings and things around us, our favourite food also has key elements that go into their preparation.

  1. The sassy sauces

The most important of them all! From the hot and spicy to the sweet and sour, the number of sauces and their variations in Indo-Chinese cuisine has contributed to the many, and constantly changing yummy dishes we dig in to!

  1. Just a spoonful of spices

Tiny in size, large in impact! Although very different from their use in Indian dishes, several little spices and condiments are mandatory elements making their way into all your favourite Chinese dishes, making them taste just the way they should when served to you.

  1. V for Vegetables

Mushrooms, Pepper, Spring Onions, Carrots, Broccoli and all kinds of leafy greens make their way into all Chinese dishes, from the soups to the mains and they taste amazing, making even veggie haters gorge on them without any fuss!

  1. Rice, rice, gravy!

The staple meal for both the Chinese and Indians, but in different ways! Although the Chinese love their steamed rice more than anything else, for the Indians, it’s all about the diverse flavours of fried rice, soaked in a gravy that perfectly complements it.

  1. Noodles for all moods

Steamed, pan-fried or simply crispy, noodles go beyond its role of being the staple main dish in Indo-Chinese cuisine. You can use them to add that crunch to your soup or slurp on them along with a gravy; no Indo-Chinese meal is complete without noodles!

It’s not a surprise that these five ingredients of every Indo-Chinese dish are the same that go into creating your own Wok box. Don the chef’s hat at your nearest Wok Express outlet and make your own customised wok box!