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Drink of the Month – Mango Basil Refreshing Cooler

May 7, 2019

Drink of the Month – Mango Basil Refreshing Cooler

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If there are 100 reasons to love summer, Mangoes would be the first one. We bet you will agree with us on this! Just a few days into the season and you start feeling the mango mania already.

However, the sad part is that the ‘King of Fruits’ is around only for a limited time. That is why it is important that we make the most of it.

Considering the scorching heat outside, there is nothing as good as a wonderful drink to freshen up your spirits and lighten up your mood.

This season, celebrate in true Wok Express Style by sipping on our drink of the month – The delicious Mango Basil Refreshing Cooler.













Here are 3 reasons why you should definitely try this drink out:

  • It’s super-refreshing 

With the wonderful fizz and delicate flavours, this drink will wash away all the summer exhaustion in just a few sips.

  • It’s Mango

C’mon, Mango is a universal favourite. Get a taste of it in an all-new avatar at Wok Express!

  • Burst of flavour

This wonderful drink is a perfect blend of Mango and basil which gives it a rich, luscious flavour.

Made with flavourful Mango extracts, fresh Basil, water, and fizzy soda, this delectable drink is bound to delight you in all walks of life. Pair it up with our steamy Momo or a spicy Chinese bowls and you are all set to have the best time. What are you waiting for? Drop by to Wok Express with your favourite people, and sip away!