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Raving about Ramen

September 11, 2018

Raving about Ramen

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Before we get started, let’s get this out of the way: real Ramen is not cooked in the microwave.

In a world that seems determined to replace traditional Ramen with the more convenient Instant Ramen noodles, we’re showing you a reason to go back to the roots. Think beyond the instant noodles or any brands you’ve associated with this delicious Asian dish – traditional Ramen is so much more!

While its place of origin has always been a topic of debate with no clear consensus, the original Ramen was popular among the Japanese as a broth, served with quick-cooking noodles, meat and vegetables. As it spread to different regions across the globe, it underwent changes, adapting to different styles and cultures, eventually transforming into how we know it today – microwavable, instant-noodle form.

But don’t worry, everything’s not lost!

With every variation moving further and further away from the original, it was necessary to reintroduce the authentic wavy noodles in its true essence.

At Wok Express, we’ve created a bridge of sorts to meet our audience halfway. While adopting the concept of the original Ramen, we’ve reinvented it to suit the unique tastes of the Indian palate.

Enjoy Ramen with your favourite flavour at Wok Express – as the noodle base for your customised Wok box.