October 19, 2018


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The festive season is upon us, and here’s yet another occasion to celebrate with a Wok!

While each of the 9 days of Navratri bring with it a burst of colour, we’re adding our own flavour to spice things up. For every colour of the day, there’s a corresponding Wok of the Day. Scroll on below to take a ‘Wok’ through our Navratri festivities.

Day One – 10th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Royal Blue
Wok of the Day: Green Thai Curry
Confused? Don’t be. With a hint of the traditional coconut flavour, the Thai spices and basil are whipped together with your favourite base – rice/noodles – and voila! A Wok that’s fit for ‘royal’ty! Best enjoyed with Chicken Wings or Chilli Paneer.

Day Two – 11th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Yellow
Wok of the Day: Kung Pao
Yellow equals all things light and zesty, just like our Kung Pao sauce! Dig into a bowl of Asian goodness for a refreshing delight, paired with the Sriracha Surprise Dumpling.

Day Three – 12th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Green
It’s Friday and it’s time to celebrate! Gulp down a refreshing glass of Bubble Tea, or bite into a dumpling or two – there’s so much to choose from on our extensive menu!

Day Four – 13th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Grey
Wok of the Day: Schezwan with Steamed Rice
While people’s feelings about the shade are quite a grey area (excuse the pun), we’re fairly sure how people feel about this Wok! Everyone’s favourite, this classic meal is sure to spice up any ‘grey’ moment in your day. Even though it’s enjoyed best on its own, a Hot Crispy Garlic Mushroom Bao on the side never did any harm.

Day Five – 14th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Orange
Wok of the Day: Teriyaki
A burst of the bright colour that is orange, is only best replicated by the burst of flavour that is the Teriyaki sauce! Add this unique Japanese sauce to your Chinese rice/noodles bowl for a hint of sweet and smoky tones. Pair this with the Assorted Vegetable Dumpling.

Day Six – 15th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: White
Wok of the Day: Bali Coconut Curry
The brightest hue brings a refreshing view, similar to the Bali Coconut Curry. Basil leaves and lemongrass add just the right tang to the authentic coconut base present in the Chinese Rice bowl. Spice it up with the Crispy Baby Corn and Water Chestnut.

Day Seven – 16th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Red
Wok of the Day: Desi Chilli
A fiery taste to accompany the fiery look of the day! The newly launched Desi Chilli is perfect for lovers of all things spicy. Be warned, these Value Woks are so packed with flavour, you can’t stop at just one! Wash the spice down with the Mango Basil Bubble Tea.

Day Eight – 17th October, 2018


Colour of the Day: Sky Blue
Wok of the Day: Hot Crispy Garlic
This time, we’re playing the game of contrasts! Contrast a soothing, peaceful colour with a flavour that’s anything but that. The Hot Crispy Garlic sauce has a slight, almost negligible hint of sweetness, combined with a spicy garlic taste, and is NOT for the faint-hearted. Wash the spice down on this one with the Minty Mojito Bubble Tea.

Day Nine – 18th October, 2019


Colour of the Day: Pink
Wok of the Day: Bangkok
We’re going out with a ‘Bang’! Don’t worry, we’re toning down the spice in this one. Made from capsicum, curry and chilli paste, this medium spicy sauce is sure to be enjoyed by one and all. Tastes best when served with a Chilli Paneer Bao at the side.

And that concludes our ‘Wok’ through Navratri! Tell us below, which one of these eight is your favourite, and why?

Team Wok Express wishes you and your loved ones an abundance of joy, happiness and warmth this festive season.